Pro-Change Behavior Systems

Pro-Change Behavior Systems, Inc. integrates evidence-based behavior change programs into their partners larger wellness packages. Carrie Coren Design worked with Pro-Change to render their vision of innovative delivery of interventions that would increase engagement with a military population. The program, called iWin (Individual Well-Being Navigator) was created with the National Institute on Drug Abuse to identify best practices for substance abuse prevention.

Carrie Coren Design was involved in all areas of the creative development of iWin. It started with many team brainstorming sessions where we determined that an obstacle course would be a delivery method that this audience would connect with.

Carrie created the iWin logo to be gender & branch neutral. The color purple was used for it’s universal appeal. (purple is the color that symbolizes all branches of the military as the combination of Air Force blue, Army green, Coast Guard blue, Marine red and Navy blue).


A challenge coin, another military tradition, was designed by Carrie and used both in the mobile program, but also produced and given to users when they completed the program.

Finally, Carrie used Camtasia to assemble stock video, text, graphics with a product demonstration that is being used to share the success of the program.

Click to watch the iWin demonstration.
A motivational quote starts off every activity.
Military personnel went through a “basic training-like” virtual obstacle course in order to achieve personal behavior change goals. Carrie Coren created each screen which was then animated in the final mobile program. The animated red, white and blue characters cheered the participant during the program.