iEnroll Solutions

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Carrie Coren began the iEnroll Solutions branding exercise the same way she always does, by spending time with the client to make sure they understand the role of branding in the success of their business.

“Branding goes way beyond just a logo or graphic element. Your brand should represent the entire customer experience … everything from your logo, your website, your social media experiences, the way you answer the phone, to the way your customers experience your staff.”

Carrie helped the client identify a long list of attributes that defines the product. She then worked with them to drill down to the product differentiator; security of personal data during online enrollment.

iEnroll’s new brand makes an immediate visual statement: security. Starting with the lock graphic, the logo is enhanced by the bold custom font that Carrie created. A steel texture was then added to reinforce the strength of the logo. The lower case “i” enclosed inside the lock is a visual metaphor for the protection of the enrollee.

In a nutshell: the logo is a symbol that your customer will come to recognize, but the tagline is as important (and sometimes more important) because the tagline is the promise that you make to your customer. The logo catches their attention while the tagline provides more information about what makes your product different and superior; why you, your business, your product are the best choice.

The tagline, also written and developed by Carrie, defines the product differentiator with a double meaning: that iEnroll Solutions not only locks up your personal data during the enrollment process, but also has the process locked up with a superior enrollment platform.



Carrie designed the website and all the banner art that simply, yet effectively, tells the product’s story. Each banner on the homepage slider focuses on a critical feature that makes this product a game changer in the enrollment industry. Web development was done by Chris Harrington using the bootstrap system.