As risk assessment and security experts, The Falcon Consulting Group wanted their website to also look sharp. They needed to update an older website, and wanted to be able to update the site quickly in response to world events. Carrie Coren provided a responsive website that uses visuals to guide the audience through the site. Using appropriate imagery reinforces the serious nature of their work, and creates emotional responses that will push a potential clients to take the next step.




Author Jordan K. Rose was my very first web client.  This talented paranormal author is near and dear to my heart because we’ve grown so much together.  When she first approached me to build her a website, she had one book in the works; not yet published.  Jordan K. Rose had an idea to blog as her character in order to build an audience. I didn’t know how to build a blog, but  I’m so glad I didn’t know what I didn’t know. Jordan now has 4 series and over 20 books. I’ve had the pleasure of working on her website along the way.  I’ve also done Jordan’s branding, logos, trade shows displays and marketing materials.  It’s been a lot of fun!




Inside Style’s success had not been affected by a lack of a website. Like many small business owners, finding the time to work with a web designer was almost impossible for owner Lee Chartier. But in order to grow her business to the next level, Lee needed to reach potential customers outside of Rhode Island. Although the website took over a year because of the demands on Lee’s time, Carrie waited patiently to get the project photos that she knew would say more about Inside Style’s work than any words could. Good things come to those who wait!


The Quiv Exchange came to Carrie Coren because of the high energy design work they’d seen her do for Providence College Men’s Basketball. Carrie Coren Design developed the Quiv Exchange branding, followed up by eye-catching designs for their trade show booth and apparel. So, of course when it was time for the website, Quiv Exchange founder Drew Schulz looked to Carrie Coren Design. Carrie designed their “facebook-meets-craigslist” website and worked with an outside web development firm to put it all together.