The 3 Second Rule


It’s gotten to the point that you only have 3 seconds to grab your customers attention and engage them in your message. Studies have shown that visuals increase engagement with your marketing message, and also helps the customer retain the message they just saw.

I’m an expert in creating bold, colorful designs that will engage your audience. My career began in design studios and advertising agencies, then moved into corporate marketing. From the design studios, I learned how to push the creative just a little bit more; from the corporate environment I learned the importance of understanding clients and what sells to their markets and creates bottom line results. These experiences allow me to bring my clients the best of both worlds.

There are so many things I love about being self-employed. Each of my clients is unique, and I love learning about their business and what their “super power” is. I work with my clients to determine what tactics will fit their budget and bring them bottom line results. Many of my clients are also self-employed or small businesses, and we share a bond of being passionate about what we do and doing whatever it takes to make sure the work is perfect. Actually, we wouldn’t cut corners if we wanted to.

I have to be honest though: probably the best thing about being self-employed is that after all the running around and meetings, when I am back at the office ready to get down to the business of creativity, I can sit at my computer and work with my 2 red dogs under my desk.

Thanks for visiting my website and I look forward to hearing from you.
– Carrie

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